Hi there ;)

Welcome to my blog: Chemistry with a Pinch of the Outdoors. Here, I’ll be describing my journey in pursuit of a PhD. It’s going to get personal! I’ll be talking about the ups and downs that I, as a graduate student, experience along with all of the new emotions that have come along with graduate school. I’m hoping that people can relate to my stories and begin to understand that PhDs are not these overly intelligent, know-all ‘mad scientists’ (oh how I hate that term). Of course my thesis work is important to me (and all the other grad students out there!), but it most definitely does not consume nor define my entire life. The goal of this blog is to change the stereotype around what a PhD student may be like in addition to telling my story along the way. We are athletes, gamers, musicians, caregivers, writers, runners, foodies, mothers, and everything in between. Check out my Instagram or Twitter for a different take on science communication where I post small snippets of what it’s like to work in a Chemical Biology-Neuroscience lab. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my blog!

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