Being patient…

As I sit here in my office thinking about what the hell I should make my first blog post about, procrastinating severely because I’ve got an exam tomorrow morning, I thought that touching on patience would be fitting. I feel like I’m always waiting for something to happen… anything! Whether I’m waiting my turn to use a certain instrument, waiting for the completion of my reaction, waiting for a gel to finish running, waiting for lunch time (because I can’t stop thinking about food today), waiting for my next hiking adventure, or waiting for each excruciating day at work to be over, I’m ALWAYS waiting. And although I find myself with time in between these things, I can never accomplish nearly as many things as I intended to once the day comes to a end. Patience is a virtue… right?! Does any one else feel this way?? I know it’s not just me and it most definitely is not just science. Anyways… back to struggling to keep my eyes open while I read about the chemical biology of DNA structure and synthesis. I promise it is just as painful as it seems.

Here’s a fitting photo of me waiting to use the Mass Spectrometer at work… there’s always a line for this damned thing.

Dcervs outttt.

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