Women’s Research in STEM Showcase: Meet the Scientists – Part Three

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering @ SBU

BY: Mikaela Dunkin

Lara Franceschinis Tshering

Lara is a PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. As a member of the Talos lab, she is researching clonal dynamics and drug resistance in prostate cancer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching science fiction and comic book movies, and knitting.

Yiyao Tian

Yiyao is a PhD candidate in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering. Her research is on novel filtration materials, polyoxometalates (POMs), for use against chemical warfare agents.

She utilizes a multimodal approach to better understand the underlying reaction mechanisms. Outside of the lab, she enjoys watching movies, going to concerts, and exploring food from different cultures.

Taylor Medwig Kinney

Taylor is a PhD student in the Genetics Graduate Program. She studies animal development in the Matus Lab using the nematode C. elegans. She is specifically interested in how cells make the decisions to become distinct tissues and organs.


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