“What do you do for a living?”

Why is it so difficult to explain what I do?

My first podcast! I’ve created this as an assignment for the class, “Communicating Science Through Digital Media”. I really enjoyed putting the time and effort in to record this, but damn was editing hard. Much respect for people who do this well and do it consistently! I don’t know if I’ll continue to draft podcast episodes, but it is something I am considering. I like being able to voice some of my opinions and my concerns rather than just typing it down for the words to live blandly as a sea of letters on a page somewhere. I also like the idea of continuing to make podcast episodes to break up the text in my blog. Although personally, I think my own voice is extremely annoying, maybe other people won’t think so (except for my friends, maybe). Anyways, check out my first episode!! I hope you enjoy it.

This rough podcast gives some insight into how I answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” and why I have reservations when doing so. Tune in and listen to how I’m beginning to communicate my science and please send feedback my way on anything you think could use improvement!

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